Virtual Reality

A big fan of PC based flight simulators and virtual reality  (I’m actually a fan of anything in virtual reality).  

Currently using Oculus DK2 purchased from a friend, and have Oculus CV1 on Pre-order (June ship date).

As of the 24th January 2016, I have started recording flights in Elite Dangerous Horizons and DCS World (not recorded yet).

Unfortunately, I can only capture the video of DCS World from VR as a square image.  

The image I see through Oculus is life-size stereoscopic 3d, and of course the videos shown here are unable to capture any of the scale and sense of “presence” you experience using HMD VR technology.  Head-tracking is the only element of VR you can capture and replay on a conventional display system.

I must also clarify that these videos look more pixelated than you would experience in VR.  

52 light years to a system I like, followed by fur-balls…
(No commentary yet)

First uploaded flight.  Low level flight through canyon at speed (with a few flight errors).

My second recorded Horizons flight had an unexpected find. I’d been on this planet for a few days and was taking off to explore other worlds.  I took off and proceeded to fly low through the canyon at reduced speed when something unexpected happened…

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