Raphael Baker (AKA Zentric Egg), is an electronic music composer and 3d artist who began playing around with synths back in the 90’s.  His interest in computers began around the time his older brother built his first hobby computer.  Raphael began coding on 8-bit computers back in the late 80’s; learning 6502 & Z80A assembly language.  This lead to a variety of projects including an interrupt driven sprite generator for games as well as a graphics extension system for the Amstrad CPC range of computers.  When the Amiga 500 came along in the latter part of the 80’s, Raphael began learning some of the early 3d rendering programs (Real-3d, Imagine).

Eventually the Amiga was traded in for his first PC (a 386Ssx), long before Windows existed.  Raphael began rendering on the first ever version of 3d Studio running under DOS.  He also began learning digital electronics and music synthesis.  By the early 90’s a variety of synthesisers were acquired including the Casio CZ1000, Korg M1, Kawai K1, Korg Z1, Roland JP8000, Korg Wavestation, General Music S2, Gem S3, Gem S2 rack.  In the mobile technology era, Raphael’s hardware synths have now been replaced with an iPad, PC, USB music controller keyboard, a Theremin and a guitar.

Over the past few years he has composed a number of tracks on an iPad air 2 while away from home for extended periods.  Raphael is a big fan of the demoscene animations (dating back to the 80’s) and produces 3d rendered animation sequences set to his music.  Virtual Reality is another passion; exploring both sound and 3d imagery created in a virtual environment.



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