Raphael Baker

Science Fiction 3d Artist

In the 1980’s I taught myself to program in assembly language on home computers (ZX81, Spectrum, C64, Amstrad CPC, Amiga).  When the Amiga came along I began learning 3d rendering on “Imagine” and “Real-3d”.  I eventually swapped my Amiga for my first PC courtesy of my older brother.  This led me to 3d-Studio V1.0 running under DOS (before windows came along).  After I outgrew that first desktop PC I self-built and overclocked all my subsequent computers (and built for other people).

I love the limitless playground of 3d-modeling/rendering.  I’m fascinated with the idea of creating complex geometry as efficiently as possible (generative). I find inspiration in science-fiction and technology. In my teenage years I read Isaac Asimov and Philip K Dick, loved Close Encounters and Alien. Lost myself in the paintings of Chris Foss and HR Giger.