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3D Artist,

I use Cinema 4d, and Otoy’s Octane GPU renderer to create complex geometric shapes. I’m fascinated with the idea of creating something intricate from the most basic geometry. Adding layer upon layer until a simple sphere or cube becomes something strange/otherworldly.

Hive core

^^ Octane + Cinema 4d render.
This image wasn’t planned.  It came about randomly while learning Octane.

^^ My first Octane render.  A fascination with complex random geometry and of making a simple cube shape into something very detailed.


Raphael Baker:

Digital artist specializing in experimental abstract 3d.


Deconstruction of complex geometry bound by gravitational forces.


“Tidal Geometry”


Geometric deconstruction on an alien landscape.  I had no plan to create this piece in shocking red but it seemed the best color choice for some reason.

Someone described the geometry as “looking like paper”.

“Fractured grid”

“Glass & Steel”

Twilight towers

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